Tinseltown Rush

Hey everyone, happy holidays! I been a bit busy with a lot of custom Christmas orders and some art shows here and there and even more on the way. Nonetheless I enjoy every minute of it! Here are some new art pieces I been working on, enjoImageyImage!Image


james jean….my wall candy

so this is my latest creation….my company in the basement has been taped to the wall for a few months,but now he’s framed and completed and he took a piece of my heart…..welp onto the next.

writers bump

so I had a dream last night about how to tell the difference between my right and left hand-which to this very day I still have a hard time-.In my dream I took a marker and wrote “R” on my left hand and “L” on my right.Backwards,I know so I don’t get it…lol.All that just to say I have a ginormous writers bump on my right middle finger and it helps me figure out when some one says “turn right”,and now that I’ve been using my hands a lot more lately its only getting bigger and ugly-er , but its like my security blanket in a way…So I say “GROW” you ugly bump cuz you help me know when I’m making the right turn….